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Legal Technology Solutions – Is Your Team Fit For Purpose? Part 1

Halebury’s Richard Dalby discusses legal technology solutions for in-house legal teams in part one of this two part-series. In the first two weeks of my in-house career I had a…

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What is LPM and what does it mean for in-house teams?

There has been a rise in references to Legal Project Management (“LPM”) but do many understand what that phrase actually means in practise? This week Halebury’s David Cole – ex…

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10 Top Tips for sourcing a Contracts Management Solution (“CMS”)

Halebury’s Richard Dalby writes for the In-House Experience on his top tips for choosing a CMS for your business or in-house legal team. In today’s businesses, legal teams are increasingly…

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The In-House Experience: Interview with Justine Campbell, Deputy Group General Counsel, Centrica

Justine Campbell is Deputy Group General Counsel and Head of Secretariat for Centrica plc, with responsibility for the management of the Group’s legal function and the provision of legal and…

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The rise of in-house teams. What does the future hold?

Over recent years, we have seen substantial growth in the in-house legal sector. Current estimates show that there were over 25,000 solicitors working as part of an in-house team in…

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