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Is unconscious bias also infiltrating NewLaw?

2018 is the year we began mandatory gender pay gap reporting in the UK, and it threw many inequalities we were already aware of into sharp relief. FTSE 250 CEOs…

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Beyond billing: how to manage external legal providers

What’s your main focus when you manage relationships with external legal service providers? For in-house lawyers, the default answer has often been cost. But keeping downward pressure on top-line costs…

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What can alternative legal service providers do for your in-house career?

Eleven years since the Legal Services Act shook up the legal profession in the UK, the new providers are not so new any more. Instead we’re increasingly talking about the…

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Beyond the tipping point: evolving legal services for in-house lawyers

“The moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” When Malcolm Gladwell launched a thousand PowerPoints with The Tipping Point back in 2000, he probably wasn’t thinking about the…

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The In-House Experience: What Makes A Legal COO?

We know that in-house lawyers feel pressure to be efficient and to innovate more than ever. Beyond new technologies and new processes, more fundamental than a new piece of software,…

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