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Ten key steps to tech enablement for in-house legal

25% of IT projects fail, 50% require material rework and 20-25% don’t provide ROI. These are stats from a 2009 IDC study into “Improving IT Project Outcomes by Systematically Managing…

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The In-house Experience: Interview with Nathan Butler, General Counsel Group Legal Function, Lloyds Banking Group

Nathan is General Counsel of the Group Legal function at Lloyds Banking Group plc, responsible for providing corporate and commercial legal services to enterprise-wide functions of the group.  Prior to…

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Creating the environment for change

Halebury’s Chris Rawlinson discusses how to build a positive culture in part two of his series on change management. In my recent piece entitled Ch Ch Ch Ch Change (www.halebury.com/latest-blogs/ch-ch-ch-ch-change),…

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Ch ch ch ch change

Halebury’s Chris Rawlinson discusses the importance of culture in delivering successful change projects in part one of a two part series on change management. Many critical company projects fail to…

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The In-House Experience: Interview with Ingrid Cope, Legal Counsel, Coca-Cola GB&I

Ingrid is Legal Counsel at Coca-Cola GB&I, where she is on the GB&I Leadership Team. Ingrid is interested in innovation in legal services, and her own innovative approach to providing…

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