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Ch ch ch ch change

Halebury’s Chris Rawlinson discusses the importance of culture in delivering successful change projects in part one of a two part series on change management. Many critical company projects fail to…

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The In-House Experience: Interview with Ingrid Cope, Legal Counsel, Coca-Cola GB&I

Ingrid is Legal Counsel at Coca-Cola GB&I, where she is on the GB&I Leadership Team. Ingrid is interested in innovation in legal services, and her own innovative approach to providing…

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Legal Technology Solutions – Is Your Team Fit For Purpose? Part 1

Halebury’s Richard Dalby discusses legal technology solutions for in-house legal teams in part one of this two part-series. In the first two weeks of my in-house career I had a…

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What is LPM and what does it mean for in-house teams?

There has been a rise in references to Legal Project Management (“LPM”) but do many understand what that phrase actually means in practise? This week Halebury’s David Cole – ex…

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10 Top Tips for sourcing a Contracts Management Solution (“CMS”)

Halebury’s Richard Dalby writes for the In-House Experience on his top tips for choosing a CMS for your business or in-house legal team. In today’s businesses, legal teams are increasingly…

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