case study 3Client

A ‘big data’ database solutions company which designs, builds and hosts ‘big data’ marketing database solutions.


The client needed the construction and negotiation of a highly complex agreement for design, build, operation and hosting of a marketing database solution, a transaction which required the client to source a substantial amount of data and software from third parties.


Halebury undertook an exercise to draft and negotiate the multi-faceted agreement and manage the transaction which involved significant negotiations with both the customer and third party suppliers to ensure that supplier terms were compatible with customer’s requirements. Various technical problems arose during the negotiations which resulted in various workarounds being
agreed with third parties and an additional layer of complexity being added to the transaction.

Halebury value-add

Halebury went ‘the extra mile’ to overcome technical difficulties during transaction.
Following completion of the transaction, Halebury undertook a detailed evaluation of the project
to enable senior management and the client’s legal team to identify lessons learnt and to provide
the client with a step-by-step guide on how to avoid problems arising in the future.