case study 1bClient

Nasdaq-listed company visible in 60 countries with recent revenue levels over $3bn.


Following an internal reorganisation of the business, the company’s content supply/agency arrangements with its airline clients needed a complete overhaul: in some cases no written terms existed or were on sub-standard terms. Others needed renewing or renegotiating, and arrangements were highly variable between different clients.


Halebury took steps to streamline the process of negotiating new contracts and renewing existing contracts, introducing a new simplified standard-form content supply agreement and a bespoke contract approval process. Over a 12-month period Halebury then concluded contract negotiations with over sixty airline clients on the new standardised client terms. Halebury has since assisted with the recruitment and training of a lawyer to manage and facilitate the integration of the whole project back into the business.

Halebury value-add

During the life of the project Halebury transformed the client’s content supply agreements and
approval processes providing a more efficient system as well as ensuring that all agreements were
standardised, up to date and on favourable commercial terms – adding commercial value,
increasing compliance and reducing risk.
After the project was finalised, Halebury ensured the smooth ongoing and future management of the agreements by the business.