FTSE 100 telecoms services company with operations in around 170 countries.


Halebury was appointed to the client’s alternative law firm panel two years ago. Halebury’s blended delivery model enables the client to call on its team of experienced in-house telecoms lawyers to undertake legal work with commercial teams and to project manage transactions on an “on demand” basis which means the client can scale their legal resourcing up or down as the transaction progresses, controlling cost whilst ensuring continuity and stability within the team.

Halebury value-add

Halebury undertook a 360 review of the client and asked lawyers who had worked within the legal and commercial teams where they saw the business and legal team could create efficiencies. The team’s feedback was analysed and a two point strategy to increase efficiency and effectiveness was created and presented to the General Counsel. The plan to implement this two point strategy in now underway.