case study 2Client

Major international television production company


The client was involved in a highly complex, multi-jurisdictional and multi-party sponsorship agreement for one of its international television series with a major-brand confectioner. The project was made more complicated by a multitude of off-air digital, online and mobile elements as well as in-show and related promotional activities. These had to align with a confidential format licence which was being separately and simultaneously negotiated.


Halebury oversaw the drafting, negotiating and executing of this agreement worth $10million. Halebury led the commercial discussions and negotiations between different teams for the three parties involved to bring all the parties to a mutually beneficial conclusion. Some of the other negotiators had no legal advisor involvement so Halebury led on the complex legal concepts at play to the satisfaction of all parties.

Halebury value-add

Halebury harnessed all parties to work collaboratively to ensure that legal concepts and
commercial elements were understood, and project-managed the entire negotiations.