Halebury Community


At Halebury, we have a strong sense of lawyer community and collaboration. Yes, you are an independent consultant with flexibility and control of your career, but you are also part of a bigger business and team of colleagues who work together to support each other and refer work.

We are constantly reviewing ways of enhancing our lawyer’s experience of working for Halebury and conduct regular surveys to gather their feedback which drives the development of the business.

For a confidential chat on becoming a Halebury lawyer, call Michelle Corneby 020 7127 2500 or email her on m.corneby@halebury.com.

We aim to financially incentivize our team to cultivate their own client relationships and cross refer to their colleagues. Our team also share know-how and act as back up for each other’s clients.

We collaborate as a business so that there are three ways to generate revenue as a consultant:

1. Via Halebury corporate business development efforts and key clients
2. Via your own network of contacts and alumni
3. Via referrals from colleagues in the Halebury team

Our engagement programme

Our lawyer engagement programme ensures that even when remote, you feel linked in to your management and lawyer team. These are just some of the ways we aim to create a feeling of community:

  • The Halebury Hub – our firmwide intranet which provides an easy go-to place for news, information and discussion
  • Halebury Social Club: the team generate a lot of referrals amongst themselves, so we aim to hold regular informal evenings for the team to get to know each other informally and incentivize cross referrals. We also host an annual AGM during which we encourage our team to input into the future direction of the business
  • Regular communications from HQ: We aim to keep our lawyer community informed about developments in the business with regular internal news bulletins in addition to regular news updates via the intranet
  • Access to our management team: We have a strong, multi-skilled, accessible management team at Halebury who ensure that between them, they are always available for support. We come from diverse legal and commercial backgrounds as experienced lawyers, in-house lawyers, recruitment consultants and business development professionals, so have a unique mix of skills to help in many aspects of our lawyer’s careers
  • CSR: Donating our time to charity and not-for-profit is important from a corporate social responsibility point of view, but is also a chance for our management and lawyer team to step outside their day-to-day jobs and work on something non-business related. We aim to run several CSR sessions throughout the year supporting local London charities such as Providence Row, who tackle homelessness helping people get off and stay off the streets