At last, the debate on flexible working is moving to a higher level. For years the very words simply implied working mothers who want to work part time to fit in the school run. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but it reduces to a grain of sand the potential that true flexible working offers employers, employees and customers.

We started our business by trying to create the most effective way of working for our clients, lawyers and our business. This has resulted in what Radio 4’s Today programme called ‘the ultimate flexible working model’, but in all honesty it was a bi-product of starting from a blank sheet and focussing on delivery not form.

Yes our lawyers sometimes work remotely, but sometimes from our office and sometimes from client offices too. Yes we count several highly qualified and experienced working mothers amongst our team, but we have several working fathers too and some non-parents who equally have the right to work flexibly. And yes our lawyers are free to set their own working hours, they do not have to do 9-5.

What they do have is complete control over delivery of their service. Provided they respond promptly to clients, deliver an excellent service and exceed expectations, the truth is that where or when they do it matters less. What’s better, freed from the shackles of office politics and arbitrary structures, our team meets with renewed purpose, focuses more on the job in hand, and enjoys working more and for Halebury and our clients they do it so efficiently it helps the bottom line too.

Chris Froome, 2013 Tour de France winner, said in an interview earlier this week that the best piece of advice he was ever given was by his mother who told him to do what he loves. Having control over the way you work empowers you to do what you love and do it to your best ability.

If lawyers can do it, anyone can. Vive la revolution.

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