Halebury is delighted to report that Corporate Counsel , a source for information and analysis on the legal issues impacting corporate America, has covered its recent interview BT General Counsel, Dan Fitz.  http://fb.me/1jxgSKXuC  The interview has been widely shared via social media and appears to have resonated loudly with those in the legal profession. 

Changing role of in-house counsel

 In the interview Dan talks about the changing legal landscape and how in-house lawyers are handling higher risk and greater value work, while less complex matters are sent to a legal process outsource. 

Focus on quality

He also talks about the need for small- and medium-sized firms to place an increased focus on quality and look much more widely at the way their whole business is run. 

Doing more for less

Dan identifies the biggest challenge this year is continuing to do more with less.

Full interview can be found at: http://halebury.com/latest-blogs/dan-fitz-interview