Halebury Legal Resourcing

sm-pebblesYour in-house legal team or business may be looking for short or long term resource for a number of reasons: to oversee a specialist project; to cover gaps in recruitment; to cover gaps in leave or to provide additional support during busy periods. Halebury’s Legal Resourcing Service maps our experienced senior in-house lawyers to your requirements. This is a fully flexible placement service: we can provide a full-time, part-time, onsite or remote resource to suit your specific business need. The service is actively managed by Halebury’s experienced management team and can be upscaled or downscaled as required.

Halebury lawyers combine valuable in-house experience gained in leading businesses with top-flight training in national and international law firms. They understand how an in-house legal team works and how to navigate its multi-stakeholder environment. Many have experience working as senior in-house counsel at Board level. They will integrate into your team or business effectively from day one and get on with the job.

We can also improve deal flow and productivity by bringing our external perspective and in-house experience to look more holistically at your existing systems and structure and suggesting efficiencies. This includes anything from post transaction training for the legal and commercial team, to creating checklists and deal manuals to leading and assisting with a recruitment process. This is the unique Halebury value-add.

Halebury Legal Resourcing Team