Clients and Pricing



We partner with a range of clients from leading PLCs and FTSE 250 companies such as BT, BSkyB, Barclays and Expedia to SMEs and fast growth start-ups. We have a strong focus on the Technology, Media, Telecoms, Financial Services and Sport sectors but work across other sectors including Professional Services, Retail and Transport.


Adaptability is a central theme in the Halebury model – and that also goes for pricing. We are fully flexible on price. We engage in alternative fee structures such as volume discounts, daily rates, bulk hour purchases, project rates, monthly rates and fixed fees. Each pricing solution is bespoke according to you, the client, the project and the consultant and is worked out in line with your legal budget.

We ensure complete cost certainty and control over your legal spend. We develop reporting systems tailored to your requirements to ensure transparency on all pricing matters.

We place an emphasis on metrics, transparency and reporting to ensure you are able to demonstrate the business value of working with Halebury. We focus not only on the day-to-day, but look to project manage issues upstream to save you money.