When we founded Halebury in 2007, despite being a start-up with limited funds, we invested in a well thought out branding exercise. This resulted in strong messaging which stood the test of time and a visual identity which, more than ten years ago, was a differentiator as we were seen as fresh and different to […]
02 October 2018
2018 is the year we began mandatory gender pay gap reporting in the UK, and it threw many inequalities we were already aware of into sharp relief. FTSE 250 CEOs are overwhelmingly white men; we knew this. The top-paying jobs at City law firms, accountants and consulting firms are the same; decades-old failures in diversity […]
01 August 2018
Meet the Team
There is no better endorsement of what it is like to work for Halebury than hearing it directly from our team themselves. Our consultants talk about the variety, flexibility and control they have in their career as a legal consultant with us in this short video.
Some of our clients